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June 13, 2011


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Bill in Jefferson City

Happy Trails to you, John. I remember the late Harold Christian talking about his days working at Caplinger's. He told me that Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne on his visits for football games in Columbia would buy a new hat (Stetson,I think)at Caplinger's.

Steve Nelson

Glad to see your obsession (addiction??) hasn't ended since you left office. My father wore hats (dress hats) probably up until the 70's. He wore panama hats (straw) on the golf course but I am pretty sure he didn't pay $1,400 bucks for them...or even $225 for that matter.
While waiting for the draft to decide if the army wanted me (early 70's) I worked for Dick Caplinger at this mens store (near where your office is now) and one of my jobs was putting hats on a block and steaming them clean. It was early 70's as I said and there was not a great demand any more.
When I was a kid and my Dad would take us to a Cardinal game at Sportsman's Park (Busch 1) he and almost all the other men would have one suits, ties and hats!! Probably the kind sold at Levine Hat Company for Caplingers.

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