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October 18, 2009


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Bill in Jefferson City

My new cans are blue, I know not why,
Perhaps they're intended to match the sky. (they don't!)

Also,I have received my first bill,
looks like my money goes to Louisville.

The experiment is here. Who will win in the end I do not know,
But the true test will be when it snows and the winter winds do blow!

jack deeken

The problem isn't the can,it's the number of them lining our streets.The east end of town looks like a blue can parade.I would hope code inforcement does what is necessary to compel the people to keep them out of sight.Jack Deeken


I don't have a new can yet.
My old can is still a good can.
I will miss my old can when it goes away. I will make friends with my new can.
Maybe my old can and I can be pen pals.
I hope I get a new can soon.
New cans are new friends.

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