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October 26, 2008


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jack deeken

It sure looks like the guy I went to kindergarden with.Seems like he always has a smile on his face.Mike Bates can't hide in this town. thank you, jack deeken


Guess we were wrong... hubby looked and said.. "It's Ted LePage." Does he look like Mike Bates?


Well.... we thought it was Ted LePage! But then, we didn't go to school with Mike Bates.

Bob Gangwish

Looks like a younger Prof Clouseau as shown below.


It has to be the one and only Robert M. "Mike" Bates. A friend and mentor.

Kris Ballage

Well I would have had no idea but what a fun concept ... keep it up!

Dan Klindt

Was this guy on the deBATES squad in high school? Dan

Randy Allen

well it could be no other than Mike Bates.....class of 1966.......gee he was much better looking 50+ years ago!!!!!

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